It’s happening!

About a year ago I heard about the BYU Romania International Internship while taking a human development class at BYU.  During the internship, students spend 3 months in Romania working with children in an orphanage and children’s hospital. To me, it looked like the experience of a lifetime, as I have always dreamed of doing some kind of humanitarian work in another country.  Unfortunately, the program did not relate to my current major at all.

However, in April 2012, I changed my major to Human Development (which I LOVE) and realized that going to Romania was a definite possibility.  Fall semester came and I started seriously thinking about what I was going to do during the summer before my last year of college. I had a few options, and going to Romania was one of them, but I was uncertain of the best choice.  On October 6, 2012, I had the opportunity to go to the Saturday afternoon session of my church’s general conference.  During the session, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, one of our apostles, gave a talk called Protect the Children.  You can read the full talk here:

In this talk, Elder Oaks talks about the poor conditions children are living in worldwide, and calls on everyone to help to improve the welfare of children.  As I listened to this talk, I experienced an overwhelming feeling  that I needed to go to Romania.  I began the application process, signed up for Romanian 100, was accepted to the program, and the rest is history!  In about 5 weeks, I will be leaving the continental US for the first time in my life and traveling to Romania.  Basically, I couldn’t be more excited!

Where exactly will I be going? 

Romania is a country in eastern Europe.  I will being going to Iasi, Romania’s second largest city.  It is located in the northeastern corner of the country, near the country of Moldova.


What exactly will I do on this internship?

I will be gone for 3 months, from the end of April to the end of July.  On weekdays, I will spend 3 hours in the morning at an orphanage in Iasi.  Here, I will be working with the same children for the summer, but I do not know yet which age group I will be assigned to.  In the afternoons, I will spend 3 hours in a children’s hospital helping to take care of children (particularly babies) whose parents are not with them for whatever reason.

 All work and no play?

Definitely not!  While working in the hospital and orphanage will be an amazing experience in and of itself, I will also have the opportunity to sight see on the weekends and during a week long trip in the middle of the summer.  Before I go to Romania, I will spend a few days traveling in London and Paris with some other girls who are going on the internship