Pacifiers and Paddleboats

This week has been so nice, it has been so great to get into a routine!  I finally decided what room in the orphanage I was going to work in for the rest of the summer.  I had been thinking I was going to work in one of the orphanages satellite apartments (where they prepare kids to go in to foster homes).  I wasn’t able to go to the apartment until Wednesday, so I kept working in the orphanage room I had originally felt comfortable in.  When I went to the apartment on Wednesday, I was miserable.  I missed the kids from the room I had been working in so much!  Thinking about not getting to work with them for the rest of the summer was kind of just depressing.  As soon as I got home, I went and told Aislynn (our facilitator) that I wanted to stay in my orphanage room.  The rest of this week has been so wonderful because of it!

 My room has kids from about 1 year to 4 years, and a few that are older.  Most of them have some kind of handicap and are not really able to verbally communicate.  Only one of the children in my room can walk, and she is severely autistic.  She can be a little difficult to work with, but I love her.  I love them all. 

One of my favorite little girls was born without any hip bones.  Her legs are tiny and have to stay crossed, but she is a pro at crawling on her hands (she is pretty much one of the strongest little girls I have ever met) and is so agile with her wheelchair.  I taught her to say my name and it is adorable.  She loves my hand sanitizer, and asks for some everyday. 

Another little girl that I love has muscular dystrophy and hydrocephalus.  She is almost two and her muscles are very weak, she can’t even hold up her own head, but my goal is to help her to hold up her head and maybe even sit by the end of the summer.  She loves it when I sing to her, especially primary songs.  It is hard for me though, because so many of my favorite songs are about having loving parents.  She doesn’t, and I so wish that she did.  I do know that she and all these kids have a loving Heavenly Father though; they mean so much to him and he loves them all.  I am so grateful for the chance I have so share some of this love with them. 

I still love the hospital, even though it is still heartbreaking.  My little girl is still there, and hopefully she will be next week too. She was more fussy this week for some reason, and she must be starving because she is consistently making sucking motions with her mouth.  She tried to suck my arm, and I just wished I had a bottle to give her.  Rachel had a pacifier, so I gave her that, but the nurse got upset about it when she came in.  Honestly though, what harm can a pacifier do? 

Friday night we went to the Forza Zu Radio Concert.  There was a huge stage in front of the cultural palace of Iasi about a block from my apartment.  Tons of the biggest Romanian bands and singers were there, and 100,000 people came to this thing.  It was chaos, I have never seen so many people in one place in my life!  It was such a fun night though, and I found quite a few Romanian artists that I love!  I have been hearing songs around the city that I really like, and this concert made them a lot easier to find!  The concert started at 7, and went so late!  From out apartment, we could see that there were still thousands of people all over the streets when we went to bed at 1:30, and the concert seemed to still be going strong.  It was so much fun. Here we are waiting for the music to start!




Yesterday we went to a nearby lake with our branch.  It was so much fun!  We played games, ate snacks, and rented paddleboats.  Here we are at the lake! My legs are just a little bit sore. I definitely want to go back though, paddleboat rentals are not bad at all!



One thought on “Pacifiers and Paddleboats

  1. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh I love reading your stories about these little kids. It reminds me of the orphanages we visited in Mozambique. On Christmas day we always went to an orphanage and played with the kids all morning, I have such good memories of the children there.

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