21st Birthday and exploding lightbulbs

Sometimes our light bulbs explode out of their sockets.  This is particularly scary because it is super loud, and sometimes they shatter.  This week it happened again, only this time we lost all our light power.  The electricity for other things still worked, but the lights didn’t.  I am more used to living here now, but it was still a little scary coming home to a completely dark apartment.  Thankfully it only took two nights to get it fixed, but I am embarrassed to admit that the clothes drying on the close line outside my window definitely started to look like hooded figures around midnight.

My hospital baby was sick this week, which was so sad.  She was getting ready to be moved to a different area of the hospital but she came down with something and is still where she was before.  She was coughing way too hard for her tiny body to handle and she couldn’t keep anything down.  One of the days I was with her she was spitting up milk through her mouth and nose and was super fussy between her coughs.  I felt so bad that she was so sick and I couldn’t stay with her longer. I am so grateful for the mom whose child is in the same room though.  This mother is simply amazing.  Her child has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now and she is always there with him.  She goes above and beyond by helping the 2 other motherless babies in the room, something I have rarely seen in the hospital.  When they are crying she comforts them, and when they get sick she helps clean them up.  She is such a selfless woman, and I really admire her.

Friday was my birthday, and it was pretty fantastic!  I woke up and was served a delicious French toast breakfast by my roommates and the girls upstairs.  We then went to the orphanage, where I was presented beautiful flowers by the Pordu girls.  I changed in to my scrubs and went upstairs to my room where I was greeted by my favorite workers for my room.  They were so excited to see me and wished me happy birthday several times.  They made me an adorable card and sang me happy birthday in English (which was special because they don’t speak any).  I just felt so loved!Image

The hospital was the one dark spot on my day.  When we tried to go to the floor with the most children, including my baby, we were told they did not have any children and were turned away.  We tried to talk to them and at least leave diapers for the babies, but they just kept telling us they did not have any children.  They had at least 6, so we were very upset.  There wasn’t really much we could do though, because we did not speak enough Romanian to really call them out on what they were telling us.  Thankfully some of the girls went yesterday and were able to get in to that floor, but only for 20 minutes.  Still, it is better than nothing.  I just hope we can work back up to spending the time there that we used to be able to.

Later, I was made an awesome chik-fil-a style dinner, and it definitely hit the spot.  Then came the best part of my day – going out for cheesecake!  Cheesecake is my favorite, and I am so glad they have it here!  We found out they had mock tails too but we decided to wait on those until Lexi turns 21 next week.  The cheesecake was great.  Definitely not as sweet as in the states, but it was just what I needed.  Shellie made me a birthday crown that I wore to cheesecake.  I thought I was stared at before, but I think I got more looks than I ever have here on the way to the little shop.  Children were pointing at me and staring at me with wide eyes, it was kind of hilarious.  That night I got to talk to my family, and overall it turned out to be a pretty fantastic birthday!  Thanks to all the birthday wishes from everyone back in the States!  


On Saturday we went and bought souvenirs from a ton of venders who were set up outside of the Cultural Palace.  They were selling various different crafts, and there were so many awesome authentic Romanian things!  Gorgeous painted eggs, beautiful wood carvings, leather bags and belts, pottery and so much more!  Some of the venders were doing their work inside their tents.  Here is a guy throwing a pot.


This week we are heading off to Mamaia, a Black sea resort.  I am so excited to spend a few relaxing days just chilling on the beach!

Also, sorry I cannot be more specific about the children I work with or put up pictures.  Because of the contract we have signed and Romanian child protection laws, doing this could jeopardize the continuation of this program.

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