Halfway point!

This week marked my halfway point here in Romania, I can’t believe how fast time is going!


We finally got into the floor of the hospital where my baby is this week.  On Thursday I was finally able to see her again.  She is so sick, I wish I knew exactly what was wrong with her.  A few weeks ago she was doing so well.  She just he got sick so suddenly and is still not much better.  Her breathing is so ragged and her little body is not strong enough for her coughs.  She seemed too weak to even cry on Thursday, and I really hope this week will be better for her.

On Wednesday Lexi and I were supposed to start in the Clinic, sort of like a NICU for babies after they are moved from the children’s hospital.  We have been given specific dates for days we can go, mostly based on what doctor is working (because many of the clinic doctors do not want us there). When we got there, we were turned away after a few minutes of talking to one of the doctors, who was not the one who we were originally supposed to work with.  She told us there was no need for us, and we could call next week before we came to see if they needed us.  After we left we called our in country contact who basically sets up all the places we work at in Iasi.  She will call them and hopefully we will be able to get in, but as we have already been here a month and a half with no success I feel like we may just have to give up on the clinic.

On Wednesday night, the orphanage psychologist Teo invited us to her apartment to watch a documentary on a story she was heavily involved in.  Five years ago, the girls on this internship found a boy in the hospital who had been badly burned in a fire as a result of his alcoholic father.  Both his parents died as his family lived in the country side and the ambulance only had room for one.  Two girl’s family’s worked to bring the boy to the US to get the medical treatment he needed.  It was a long process, but eventually the boy made it to the US with his brother.  You can read more about the story here:



I really appreciated the opportunity to watch this because it reminded me that although I can’t necessarily do everything these girls were able to for Marius, I am making a huge difference in a lot of children’s lives who are also alone.

On Friday I got to go with two of my favorite kids from the orphanage to palace, the super nice area behind my apartment.  I got to push my favorite little 4 year old (the girl who was born without hip bones) around in her wheelchair.  We went and walked around outside a little first, looking at all the flowers and fountains.  The wonder in the kid’s eyes is priceless.  Before we went back, we went to Auchan, a large grocery store at Palace.  This was my little girl’s first time in a grocery store, and she was pretty much in awe.  She wanted to touch everything, and loved running her hands down the rows and rows of 2 liter coke bottles near the front of the store.  When we got to the checkout, the sweetest old lady was in front of us in line and bought each of the kids a little package of cookies.  I was so touched by her kindness, and reminded that even though we have had to deal with some frustrating people here, Romania is full of genuinely kind people.

Yesterday I went with Kate and Cynthia to a monastery in Iasi.  We went to a monastery during the first week we were here and it was pretty, but this one was beautiful!  After exploring everything within the walls we walked around the outside of the monastery.  We found a short trail that took us to a spot where we could see so much of Iasi and all the gorgeous rolling green hills beyond the city.  I took so many pictures, but it is so hard to capture everything I want to in a picture.  I did my best though!


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