Monasteries and Fortresses!

Although this week was tainted by sadness, our group had an awesome opportunity on Saturday!  Mario hired a maxi taxi to take us to 3 monasteries and a fortress in the mountains.  I was able to see some awesome things.  These buildings were old, a few build in the 1400’s, and it is crazy to me to think how much has happened and how amazing it is that those historical landmarks are still here and have been so well preserved. The first monastery we went to was Neamt Monastery.  This one had a museum inside, and we were able to see some very old and important artifacts from the Romanian Orthodox church. Many of the railings and the gazebo were covered in pine boughs, and everything smelled so good here! Image The second monastery we went to was called Secu Monastery.  We didn’t have long here, but it was beautiful.  Here is where I lit a candle for my hospital baby Pîn. ImageImage The last monastery was the Sihastria Monastery.  It was the biggest and I thought the most beautiful of the ones we saw today.  I definitely took the most pictures here! Image Image Image Before we left to go to the fortress, we were told we should go to the bathroom because we wouldn’t have another chance for a few hours.  This was my first time using a bathroom in the countryside, and I kind of hope I never have to again.  It took us about 15 minutes to work up the courage.  Here is why. Image I was not as happy as I look, mostly I was just proud of myself for actually going. We ended the day by going to the Neamt Fortress.  It was awesome!  There was a very small and steep road we had to hike up to get there.  It was short, but still definitely winding! Image At the fortress! Image We had to pay to get in and to take pictures, but it wasn’t much and was so worth it!  We were able to see places where prisoners were kept, a kitchen, a living area, a meeting place for Knights, and more!  Image ImageImage Image On the way back down! Image I seriously loved seeing all this history and I am so excited to go to Brashov and Bucharest next week and see more!

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