This is it!

Well this is it.  Last blog post, last Sunday in Romania.  This Wednesday I will be driving down to Bucharest to catch an early flight out of there on Thursday. We took this with the branch after church today!ImageWeek updates!

Caroline and I had to break up a fight between little boys in the hospital this week.  It was kind of crazy.  We went into a room with four boys.  Two were brothers without a mom.  We busted out the bubbles and coloring books for them.  There were 2 little boys in the room next door that probably just wanted to play, but they were making faces through the window and it did not make the older of the two boys happy (he was eight).  After a few minutes, he got up and went into the room.  I thought he was just going in there to invite them over or tell them to stop.  Not so much.  Caroline said they were fighting, but I kind of just brushed it off and continued playing with the other boys.  About 45 seconds later I heard Caroline call my name.  I stood up in time to see our kid throwing a punch and kicking one of the boys from the other room.  I ran in to help pull them off of each other, and the boy from the room slumped to the bed, curled in to the fetal position, and cried.  We figured we should go tell the nurse because we did not know what type of sick kids that particular floor was for.  I went out, found a nurse, and asked if she spoke English.  Nope.  In broken Romanian, I tried to explain.  Băiat (boy)…. plunge (crying)… (insert me motioning punches here).  Thankfully she understood, and went in to help.  This happened Tuesday and the nurses haven’t really wanted us back on that floor since…

On Friday we threw Aislynn a little Bachelorette party, as she will be getting married in a few weeks!  We are all so excited for her and her wonderful fiancé (who also was a facilitator for the program and served his mission in Romania).  We went to a cute little café for drinks and treat, and then went back to my apartment for games and presents.  Such a fun night!ImageImageImageToday we had the awesome opportunity to go to the baptism of a baby from the orphanage.  Our favorite psychologist Teo was the one who organized the baptism, and she is now the beautiful baby girl’s godmother.  It was such a beautiful ceremony and the baby was precious.  I am so grateful I got to be there for it!ImageThis week I have just been thinking about my kids a lot, and how grateful I was able to come here and meet them.  This has been an amazing 3 months, and as difficult it has been, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  For the internship, I have to do write ups on each of the children I have worked with explaining what I have done with them and where some of their abilities are at for the next interns.  I completed these write ups this week.  Sometimes it is hard to feel or see the difference I am making here, but after writing down the improvements my kids have made this semester, no matter how small, I have been able to see a small part of that difference. 

Some of the differences are simply the smiles and laughter of the children who wouldn’t change their facial expressions no matter how much I would try to coax them during the first few weeks.  The children who didn’t want to be touched that now cuddle up with me.  The weak 1 ½ year old little boy who can now sit up on his own.  The little girl who can count to 10.  The children who can now hold their heads up on their own.  These are just a few of the small miracles that I have been able to see this summer, the differences were definitely not all me, but I am so grateful for the small part I was blessed to have in making them happen!  This experience has truly changed me, and I will never forget these children and the tremendous impact they have had on my life.  I love them.

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